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Job Information

FirstService Residential Maintenance Technician in Palm Beach, Florida

Pay: $18/hr - $20/hr

Schedule: Monday - Friday; 8am - 4pm


The Maintenance Tech reports to the Maintenance Supervisor and works under his supervision to carry out maintenance and repair on buildings, equipment and grounds in the common areas of the Association.

The maintenance employee must be respectful in working with unit owners and with the employee team. Frequent interface with owners, tradesmen and other staff members. Strong knowledge of handy man best practices and mechanical repairs. Able to follow directions and account for personal time and completion of tasks. Hourly.

Primary Duties:

  • Assist with repairs on common elements, including pool equipment, clubhouse, exterior lighting, walkways, parking areas, tennis courts, beach access, and other exterior/interior repairs.

  • Help maintain irrigation systems, signage, drainage, minor painting, drywall repairs, basic plumbing, basic electric and mechanical repairs.

  • Follow preventative maintenance programs designed to reduce the need for major repair or replacement of mechanical systems.

  • Help maintain the current inventory of tools, equipment and supplies.

  • Help with cleaning, organizing and securing the maintenance shop and storage areas.

  • Perform owner maintenance requests posted in BuildingLink, being responsible for job completion and closeout of requests. Document time required to finish assigned tasks, and note any supplies required.

  • Assist with implementation of a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and residents. Report accidents or problems to the Supervisor. Help eliminate unsafe conditions or practices that could result in injuries or claims.

  • Pressure clean decks, walkways grounds and walls as needed with team.

  • Participate in weekly maintenance department planning meetings. Bring ideas, concerns and needs to improve department outcomes.


  • Pool/Beach:

  • Sanitize for Covid prevention.

  • Clean/vacuum pool and test chlorine, acid & salt every morning. Log chemical tests into health department log book for inspector.

  • Change filters in pool/spa monthly.

  • Assist with folding & restocking of pool towels.

  • Check and repair minor pool system malfunctions. Notify supervisor when outside vendor is needed.

  • Help keep pool room neat and organized. Check bushes and lanais for bottles and trash.

  • Sweep and hose pool deck as necessary, and steps to the beach.

  • Clean off beach chairs and the storage box.

  • Check the shower and jacuzzi area. Empty pool area trash cans. Check beach for trash pickup.

  • Open umbrellas and arrange chairs for residents. Check for any parts that need repairs or replacement.

  • Wipe down chairs and tables as needed.

  • Check that propane tanks are full at barbecues. Clean barbecues weekly if needed.

  • Clean up gazebo area as needed. Pressure clean gazebo roof seasonally.

  • Check sump pumps for proper function weekly. Clear leaves away from drains daily in rainy season. Make sure sandbags are ready for placement when required.

  • Buildings:

  • Sanitize for Covid prevention.

  • Accompany vendors into empty units for AC, plumbing, and other building work. Notify Supervisor of any leaks, mold or other liability issues.

  • Accompany A/C vendors onto roofs and lock up afterward.

  • Handle minor carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical tasks. Do not handle work requiring permits or licenses.

  • Assist with roof fan repairs and lubrication.

  • Clean AC filters for lobby units. Replace filters for social room and on each floor.

  • Help with door maintenance and repairs, including making duplicate keys.

  • Minor concrete repairs and stucco, including wall and ceiling patches.

  • Check stairwells for paint damages. Also check doors, halls, lobbies and ceilings for touchup.

  • In summer, install carpets on floors by elevators to protect from damage.

  • Work with contractors to hang and remove elevator pads daily.

  • Remove contractor carpet from elevators on Fridays for weekends.

  • Spray for weeds on walkways and around property.

  • Roll out trash bins daily for pickup. Clean and prepare bins prior to replacement. Keep dumpster rooms clean.

  • Check for batteries needed in clocks.

  • Check elevators for buttons or lights needing attention.

  • Rinse AC units by office.

  • Assist with fire alarm testing as needed. Check exhaust systems, elevator doors and other building systems. Notify supervisor of any smells, noises or concerns.

  • Help with Christmas lights seasonally. Assist with hurricane prep and reopening as needed.

  • Assist with meeting room setup in social room.

  • Assist with test and maintenance of generator.

  • Front/Side Areas:

  • Straighten parking bumpers, and blow leaves from the parking area daily.

  • Check and straighten white bumpers at entryway.

  • Check parking light poles for peeling paint.

  • Check/clean Halcyon sign along Ocean Blvd.

  • Pick up debris in the front area, including from landscape beds and parking areas.

  • Check car wash area for any straightening or supplies. Check all water hoses.

  • Pick up and dispose of Areca palm fronds and trash on southern perimeter.

  • Handle irrigation repairs and wet checks as needed. Re-set timers to coincide with weather conditions and daylight savings time.

  • Repair breaks in lines up to 2”. Replace broken heads. Check for water flow issues and mud on walkways.

  • Check sprinkler valve box quarterly.

  • Hose or sweep common area walkways. Pressure clean walks and pool area as needed.

  • Assist with light checks and replacement of bulbs for landscape lighting, parking lights and building lights.

  • Lubricate & test all common area locks and cylinders.

  • Check and organize tennis courts. Clean, sweep, wash as needed. Check tennis court fencing. Notify supervisor of items for replacement or repairs.

  • Submit a weekly “Maintenance Tech Report” when requested, with summary of tasks completed.