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GARDNER DENVER THOMAS Furnace Tender, Melter/Die Cast Set-up in SHEBOYGAN, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: POSITION SUMMARY: Operate, inspect, and clean furnace, as well as set-up die cast machines in relief of primary Furnace Tender. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Operates furnace or furnaces to melt aluminum ingots or scrap used in die casting. Regulate furnace temperature and charge furnace with ingots and scrap aluminum as instructed. Deliver metal, in proper amounts and proportions, to die cast machines for operation without interruption purposes. Will be required to oversee the distribution and supply of molten metal to machines, on a schedule in order to maintain central melt temperature. Assist in cooling down furnace and inspect: lining for cracks or defects and distribution ladles. Assist in repairs as instructed. Will be required to do material handling as needed. Maybe required to set-up die casting cell to include ladle, auto-spray, robotic and trim press machines. Including removing and replacing die casting and making necessary adjustments on machines. This position is responsible for the safety of others, as it pertains to filling ladles, driving lift trucks, and pouring metal into furnaces at the machines for machine set-up. Other responsibilities as assigned or required. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Lift truck (power or hand), shovel, furnace cleaning, skimming and fluxing tools, hand tools, hoist, plus required safety clothing and equipment. Forklift license required. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Lifting/pushing/pulling/carrying up to 05 lbs. constantly 35 lbs. frequently 75 lbs. occasionally Sitting, standing, kneeling, climbing, bending, and stooping frequently Hazards are serious cuts, burns, bruises and possible permanent injury; operator required to wear goggles and heavy gloves. While the job has definite hazards, caution by the operator will reduce hazards to a minimum. Regular exposure to heat, dirt, grease and fumes. Page 2 of 2 Regular exposure to noise levels exceeding 85 db (hearing protection required when exposure exceeds 85db). ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Training Required: High School Diploma or equivalent required. Skills/Experience Required: Prior demonstrated knowledge in all aspects of furnace operation required to include: cleaning, operation, and maintenance preferred. Demonstrated safe operation of forklift(s) and other material handling, as evidenced by at least one (1) year experience similar to the requirements of this role Must be able to read, write, and interpret simple drawings. Works from written or verbal instructions under general supervision, instruction, and guidance on unusual procedures and irregularities. Eleven months of previous experience working in a die cast environment required prior to hiring or appointment to the position. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: E-Mail a R sum :